17 Pieces of PDA That Aren't at All Inappropriate ...


17 Pieces of PDA That Aren't at All Inappropriate ...
17 Pieces of PDA That Aren't at All Inappropriate ...

No one wants to see you shove your tongue down your man's throat. Of course, you're allowed to touch him, even when you're out in public. You just have to know which lines to avoid crossing. Here are a few pieces of PDA that aren't at all inappropriate:

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Cheek Kisses

There's nothing wrong with kissing in public, as long as you don't go overboard. Kisses on the cheek are innocent, so there's nothing wrong with giving them in front of friends and family.


Forehead Kisses

Forehead Kisses Forehead kisses are just as innocent as cheek kisses. There's nothing sexual about them, which is why others won't mind seeing them.



Pecks You can even kiss your partner on the lips, as long as you don't go crazy. Just give him a quick, two-second peck.


Holding Hands

Holding Hands If you want to feel close to your boyfriend, hold his hand. It'll show everyone that you're together.


Feeding Each Other

Feeding Each Other If you're ou at dinner, feel free to reach across the table to give your man a spoonful of dessert. It'll look adorable.



Hugs You can hug him as much as you want while you're out in public. No one is going to mind.


An Arm around the Waist

An Arm around the Waist If you're not in the mood to hold hands, then you should let him put his arm around your waist as you walk. It's equally as adorable.


Pet Names

Pet Names You don't want to baby talk in front of your friends. However, there's nothing wrong with using pet names in front of them.


Playing with Hair

Playing with Hair If he wants to touch you, he can reach over and play with a strand of your hair. It's an innocent little gesture.


Hand Kisses

Hand Kisses Here's another place where he shouldn't hesitate to kiss you--right on the back of your hands. It's something that only a real gentleman would do.


Cheek Caresses

Cheek Caresses This looks like an intimate gesture, but you can still get away with doing it in public, because it looks so darn sweet.


Wearing His Jacket

Wearing His Jacket If you're cold, and he offers you his jacket, don't hesitate to take it.


Your Head on His Shoulder

Your Head on His Shoulder If you're tired, feel free to lean your head on his shoulder. It'll make for a great pillow.


Staring into Each Other's Eyes

Staring into Each Other's Eyes His eyes can tell you a lot about what he's thinking. When you're out in public together, all you have to do is stare at him to figure out what's on his mind.



Winking can either be creepy or incredibly sexy. Of course, when your man is the one winking at you, you're going to get butterflies.



If you want to say something naughty to your man, then you can just text it to him. That way, no one will hear what you have to say.


Taking Selfies

Taking Selfies There's nothing wrong with showing off your relationship. In order to do that, you'll need to take some selfies to post on Instagram.

As long as you aren't totally inappropriate, no one will mind seeing you and your man show affection to each other. After all, that's what couples are supposed to do. What are your feelings on PDA?

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