10 Sexts to Send Your Man to Drive Him Wild ...


10 Sexts to Send Your Man  to Drive Him Wild ...
10 Sexts to Send Your Man  to Drive Him Wild ...

Looking for some sexts to drive him wild? Sexting is a great way to spark up the flames between you and your partner. It's a quick and simple way to keep things from getting boring in the bedroom. Check out these 10 sexts to drive him wild.

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"You Make Me so Wet."

This will have your man wanting to take you right then and there. He will be thinking about you all day long.


"I'm so Stressed out. I Need You to Fuck Me Hard until I Can't Walk."

Your man will be so turned on hearing you talk dirty to him.


This type of sexting is a great way to spice up your relationship and get your man in the mood. It can also help to build intimacy and trust between you and your partner. When sending sexts, it's important to be creative and playful to keep things interesting. Sexting can also be a great way to explore your partner's fantasies and desires. Be sure to respect your partner's boundaries and always ask for consent before sending any sexts.

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"I'm Still Sore from All the Things We Did Last Night."

He won't be able to stop thinking about all the naughty things you two were doing last night.

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"I Miss Hearing You Cum."

He will be thinking about how turned on you get when you hear him cum.

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"My Favorite Feeling is You inside of Me."

He won't be able to concentrate because all he'll be thinking about is being inside you.

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"Mornings Were Made for Sex, Snuggles, and Bacon."

You can't go wrong with sex, snuggling, and bacon.

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"when I See You Tonight You Should Check My Gag Reflex."

All he will be able to think about is you giving him a blowjob.

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"I Need You Now ;)"

He will be so turned on thinking about taking you right now.

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"I Had a Dream about You Last Night. It Was Really Naughty."

He won't be able to think straight with all the naughty possibilities running through his mind.

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"Are You Touching Yourself Right Now?"

He will be picturing you getting so turned on knowing he's touching himself, while thinking about you.

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