8. Considers You a Priority

How will you know? He’ll be sure to drop subtle hints or if you’re dealing with a very blunt guy he may just come out and say it! But for those of you who are dealing with shy and reserved hotties then watch for the signs: skips night out with friends to have a night in with you, sits with you at lunch/gets lunch with you, etc.

Offers to Pay


Ok isn't this so relevant to 16 or 20 year olds? What man would behave so? Need some new signs to be penned down ...!
@Elle, talk to him, flirt with him, or text him! You'll never know how he really feels until you ask! Best of luck to you and your boy-toy(: haha
I have experienced a few of these with this Bulgarian guy who was my TA for one of my classes! I never considered him until I picked up on how he treated me (I was late to class and he even helped me...
@Heather Jensen how can I flirt with a guy who ignores me ? I tried treating him good but I don't know helllp
Heather Jensen
Have you tried to flirt with him? :) Try that!
Heather Jensen
It might mean that he likes you! Try to flirt with him a bit and see where it goes!
@Beth check his body contact , does he make an eye contact with you does he look at you a lot and when you turn around , quickly look away ? When you come around does he start tapping something or sq...
i know this guy...we dont talk that much but whenever i see him he looks at me a lot, he also smiles and says my name when he says hi, what does this mean?
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