Signs 🚦 Your Partner πŸ‘« Might Not πŸ‘Ž Deserve You πŸ’Ž ...


If you are in a relationship, it is hard to think clearly. Just because you care for your significant other doesn’t mean you can solve all the problems you encounter in the relationship. Once you have broken up with someone, you will gain some insight. You begin to notice every problem you had. You see they really didn’t care about you the way you cared for them. You might have been better off if you had never dated them. You might have noticed some or all of these things:

1. They Always Take and Never Give

Everybody knows there is some give and take in every relationship. But sometimes it isn’t a balanced situation. One party might give more than the other most of the time. Both parties need to be on the same level. If you find that you are the one who is constantly giving, and they are doing all the taking without giving it a second thought, this shows that they don’t value you and don’t really want you.

It doesn’t matter what your personality type is, if you love somebody and really value them, you will want to give everything to them so they feel loved and happy. If your significant other doesn’t show any signs of this, it is very safe to say they don’t feel the same way about you. You are only going to suck you dry and leave and empty shell. Each party in the relationship must give as much as they get.

You Can’t Depend on Them