10 Signs 🚨 You're in a Toxic ☢️ Relationship 💑 ...


If you're looking for signs you're in a toxic relationship, chances are you already know that you are. Relationships can be a beautiful and wonderful journey through your life. However, not all relationships are going to be beautiful, and not all relationships are going to feel good. Sometimes you’ll meet someone that you think is the most perfect human on this Earth. They shower you with gifts and attention. They make you feel like you’re the only woman in the world, only for them to make a complete 180 and turn into your worst nightmare. It’s not always easy to imagine yourself in a toxic relationship, especially when it started out so perfect. Here are some signs you're in a toxic relationship.

1. Your Partner Doesn’t Want You to Have Friends

Pulling you away from friends is one of the biggest signs you're in a toxic relationship. Having healthy friendships is an important part of life. Friendships help us grow, they help define us, they give our lives a little more meaning. However, when our partner decides we should no longer have that friendship, that’s when it becomes a problem. See, this is a type of control in a relationship. They don’t want you to have any friends because, in their eyes, you are all they need. In their eyes, you are taking time away from them. This is a big sign that a relationship is becoming toxic. You should never have to remove a healthy friendship from your life.

They Constantly Judge You on Everything You do (or Don’t do)


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