2. Compliment Him

For as much as guys love flirting, they love compliments too! Compliments are truly one of the most fantastic ways to let him know you like him and what you like about him. Like his body? Tell him! What about his hair? Let him know!

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So there's this guy I'm in love with and no matter how hard I try to stop liking him I can't. We were friends and dated for a couple months, things didn't work out and I felt really hurt. He knows I'm...
Heather Jensen
Hi Yas! Thanks for visiting! We love that you read us! Have you talked to him anymore? I'd say if you can get him alone to actually speak to him, that would be your best bet!
Hi first I'd like to say that I absolutley love your articles!! Also, there is this boy (Ty) that I feel I may have feelings for so we met at the beginning of last semester in a class instantly we sta...
Heather Jensen
Hi Nickol! I'd say that you need to flirt with him a little bit! :) See how that works for you! :)
Lyndsie Robinson
He might have a really good explanation, but it's not thrilling that he hasn't offered it yet. Maybe he lost his nerve -- that's why asking him is probably your best bet!
Lyndsie Robinson
Oh, ouch! I'm sorry you had to deal with that! Have you asked him about it? You don't have to necessarily confront him, but you certainly deserve an explanation and if he's a nice guy, then he'll man up and offer an apology as well.
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