The Ultimate Secret 🙊 to Helping You Nail down 🔨 a Commitment-Phobe 💔 ...

Some people are afraid of commitment, and I want to start off by saying that those fears are completely valid. You can't talk someone out of a fear, although you can help them. If you're interested in someone who's simply not into the idea of commitments, you can't force that person to change their mind. See, the secret to nailing down a commitmentphobe is not trying to nail them down in the first place. You're not doomed, though, and you don't have to give up the idea of having a relationship, you just have to work a little magic.

1. Don't Let Them Dwell on the past

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The thing to remember is that most commitmentphobes have a reason they don't like commitment. Something likely happened in one of their past relationships that put them off the idea. Everyone's experiences are powerful and valid. What you can do is help your commitmentphobe stop dwelling on the past by making them understand that you are different and a future with you will be different, too.

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