The 10 Stages πŸŒ€ of Falling in Love 😍 ...

You might be surprised to find that there are stages offalling in love. You might believe in love at first sight, and it probably does happen, but it isn’t love in the real sense. That initial attraction, even if it is like a lightning bolt, goes through various stages before it can be it can truly be described as love. There are many signs of being in love and it's an amazing feeling. It is something magical and wonderful you should go through together. These are the stages of falling in love you should be aware of. Which one are you in?

1. Physical Attraction

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The first of the stages of falling in love is physical attraction. We all know this feeling. It’s that almost instant feeling of yearning for a person based solely on the fact that you are attracted to the way he looks. It’s the basest desire that a human can experience, but it’s definitely one that shouldn’t be ignored!

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