17 Things Introverts 😕 do Once They Fall in Love 💝 ...

Introverts do things a little differently than everyone else. I feel pretty secure in saying that because I am ridiculously introverted. It took me ever so long to realize that, however, which probably explains why some of my past relationships ended the way they did – or perhaps I simply needed to find the one very special person who understands my special brand of introversion, my darling Heather. Anyway, the point is, introverts behave a bit differently when they fall in love, too. They do things for and because of their new love that are actually quite meaningful.

1. They Will Break Their Quiet Time to Spend Time with You

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Introverts love their quiet time. They need it, they thrive on it, it's essential to them. When we're willing to give it up to spend time with someone else, that's pretty special.

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