7 Things to do with Your Time Instead of Texting That Stupid Boy ...

By Holly

7 Things to do with Your Time  Instead of Texting  That Stupid Boy  ...

You've probably been judged by friends or family members for talking to a boy that didn't deserve your attention. It happens to the best of us. That's why the following meme from Imgur is going viral:
You don't want your dog to ever look at you like that, which is why you should do the following things before texting back a guy that doesn't deserve your attention:

1 Go for a Walk

If your dog's looking at you like you're crazy, take him for a walk. It'll help you get back in his good graces.

2 Hang out with Your Friends

They'll be able to take your mind off of any situation.

3 Join a Dating App

It's better to talk to new boys than the dumb one that doesn't realize how amazing you are.

4 Do Your Work

There must be some homework or errands that you have to do. Keep your mind on them, instead.

5 Watch Netflix

Netflix is a better boyfriend than an actual man could ever be. It makes you happy whenever you're sad.

6 Pick out a Cute Outfit

You'll feel your best when you look your best. So search through your closet for something sexy to wear.

7 Text Back Someone Worthwhile

Don't text back a stupid boy. Text back the boys that actually treat you right, instead.

Are you dealing with a boy who doesn't realize how amazing you are?

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