How to Decipher His Texts and Know Hes Interested ...

By Holly

You don't need to see a man face-to-face in order to determine how he feels about you. You can learn all you need to know by examining his text messages. Here are a few ways to tell if he's interested by reading through those texts:

Table of contents:

  1. he initiates conversations
  2. he doesn’t respond with one word
  3. he answers right away
  4. he actually asks you questions
  5. he answers whatever questions you have
  6. he rarely has spelling errors
  7. he never asks for nudes
  8. he treats you with respect
  9. he never talks about other girls
  10. he asks you if you’re single
  11. he uses your name a lot
  12. he asks you to hang out in person
  13. he uses emojis
  14. he compliments you
  15. you don't have repeat conversations
  16. he helps you when you're upset
  17. he actually calls you

1 He Initiates Conversations

If you're the only one starting conversations, it's a bad sign. Of course, if he occasionally messages you first, it means that he likes talking to you.

2 He Doesn’t Respond with One Word

You don't want a man to say "k" to you. You want him to give thorough responses that prove he's engaged in the conversation.

3 He Answers Right Away

If he didn't like you, he'd take hours to text back. He might not even text back at all. So if he answers right away, it's a great sign.

4 He Actually Asks You Questions

If he likes you, he won't ramble on about himself for hours on end. He'll ask you questions to see how you're doing, too.

5 He Answers Whatever Questions You Have

If you ask him where he is or who he's hanging out with, and he actually gives you a straight answer, then he's probably interested in developing a serious relationship with you. Otherwise, he wouldn't bother to tell you the truth.

6 He Rarely Has Spelling Errors

Everyone makes mistakes. If it seems like his texts never have any errors, it's because he's checking them over to make sure they're perfect before he sends them to you.

7 He Never Asks for Nudes

If he asks for nudes, he likes you in the wrong way. You want someone who respects you enough to wait to see you naked in person, after a few romantic dates.

8 He Treats You with Respect

Men can be mean to the girls they don't like. If he acts like you're his equal, then he's not only interested in you, but he's also a keeper.

9 He Never Talks about Other Girls

If he's never mentioned another girl, it might be because you're the only woman on his mind. He wants you and only you.

10 He Asks You if You’re Single

He's asking for a reason. It's either for himself or for a friend, but someone is definitely interested in you.

11 He Uses Your Name a Lot

Don't you love saying your crush's name? If he likes you, he'll love using your name, too.

12 He Asks You to Hang out in Person

Texting is all well and good, but you can't take the next step unless you see each other face-to-face. If he wants to meet up with you in person, it means he really likes you.

13 He Uses Emojis

There are some pretty flirty emotions out there. If he's always using hearts and winking faces, then he has the hots for you.

14 He Compliments You

If he's always calling you beautiful, then you already know how he feels. It's obvious.

15 You Don't Have Repeat Conversations

If he always finds something fun to talk about instead of complaining about the gym for the hundredth time, then he likes you. He's actually putting effort into your conversations.

16 He Helps You when You're Upset

If he actually listens to you rant instead of telling you he's busy whenever the conversations get rough, then he likes you--at least as a friend.

17 He Actually Calls You

Texting is one thing, but phone calls are another. If he actually wants to hear your voice, then he's crazy about you!

Now you should be able to decipher his texts to see how he feels about you. Do you think your crush is interested in you?

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