17 Ways Bold Girls Can Flirt with Their Crush ...

By Holly

If you're brave, flirting should come easy. After all, all it requires are a few risks. Here are a few ways for bold girls to flirt with their crush:

Table of contents:

  1. ask him out
  2. wink
  3. long hugs
  4. touch him
  5. give him a massage
  6. squeeze his muscles
  7. tell him he looks hot
  8. ask him if he’s single
  9. kiss him
  10. tease him
  11. let him catch you checking him out
  12. buy him a drink
  13. call him on the phone
  14. use a pick up line
  15. give him a gift
  16. snapchat him
  17. tell him how you feel

1 Ask Him out

If you're as courageous as you claim you are, then why would you waste time flirting? You can just ask him out and be done with it.

2 Wink

If you want to draw him in slowly instead, you can start by throwing him a wink from across the room. It'll be your little secret.

3 Long Hugs

The next time he tries to hug you, don't squeeze him quickly and then let go. Linger. It'll make him see that there's clearly chemistry between the two of you.

4 Touch Him

The next time you talk to him, lightly slap his arm when he tells a joke or place your hand on his thigh. Just don't make him uncomfortable.

5 Give Him a Massage

If he complains about how sore he is from the gym, then offer him a back massage. It's the perfect excuse for putting your hands on him.

6 Squeeze His Muscles

If he has muscles, acknowledge them. Men like to be complimented as much as we do.

7 Tell Him He Looks Hot

Don't beat around the bush. If he looks sexy, then tell him that he looks sexy. It's as simple as that.

8 Ask Him if He’s Single

Even if you already know what his Facebook status says, you should ask him if he's single in person. That way, it'll be clear that you're interested in him.

9 Kiss Him

If the moment is right, you might as well lean in close and kiss him. He doesn't have to initiate everything, you know.

10 Tease Him

This seems like a childish thing to do, but even adults do it. Playfulness is flirty.

11 Let Him Catch You Checking Him out

When he walks by and you feel the urge to look at his butt, make sure he sees you. That way, he'll know that you're interested.

12 Buy Him a Drink

Boys don't have to buy girls drinks. If you're out at the bar and see a sexy man, then you should buy him a drink.

13 Call Him on the Phone

Instead of texting him, call him up. It's rare to talk to other people on the phone nowadays, so it should make it clear that you have feelings for him.

14 Use a Pick up Line

If you don't mind sounding corny, then you can use a silly pickup line on him. If you have the same sense of humor, he'll appreciate it.

15 Give Him a Gift

If you're serious about him, you shouldn't mind spending money on him. Buy him a new shirt or at least a burger from McDonalds.

16 SnapChat Him

You don't have to send any sexual pictures. Just send snapshots of you while wearing your best makeup.

17 Tell Him How You Feel

You don't have to play games with him. You can sit him down and tell him that you like him. There's no rule that says you have to pretend he means nothing to you.

If you're super bold, you shouldn't have a problem pulling off any of these flirting moves. Are you ready to tell your crush how you feel?

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