17 Tips to Texting for Girls That Are Super Shy ...

By Holly

If you're shy, you don't have to flirt with your crush in person. You can do it over the phone. Here are a few texting tips for super shy girls to follow:

Table of contents:

  1. cut down on the lols
  2. use proper grammar
  3. no text speak
  4. cut down on the exclamation points
  5. don’t send screenshots
  6. use flirty emojis
  7. send funny photos
  8. don’t wait for him to text first
  9. don’t send ten texts in a row
  10. keep things lighthearted at first
  11. don’t use texting as an excuse to avoid talking face-to-face
  12. ask him questions
  13. give subtle compliments
  14. don’t talk about the same thing each time
  15. turn off your read receipts
  16. talk on the phone, too
  17. don’t get upset if he doesn’t text back

1 Cut down on the Lols

You don't have to laugh at every single thing he says. If you overdo it on the LOLs, then you'll look a little desperate, and you don't want that.

2 Use Proper Grammar

Make sure you spell your words correctly and use the right form of "their." There's nothing more unattractive than bad grammar.

3 No Text Speak

Don't use shorthand like "b4" and "gr8." It doesn't take all that long to type out the full word.

4 Cut down on the Exclamation Points

Only use exclamation points when you're genuinly excited. Even then, only use one or two at a time. You don't want to use ten at the end of every sentence.

5 Don’t Send Screenshots

You don't want to look like a gossip. That's why you shouldn't send him private conversations between you and your close friends. He won't trust you if you do.

6 Use Flirty Emojis

There's nothing wrong with using the occasional emoji. Make sure you pick flirty ones in order to show him that you like him.

7 Send Funny Photos

You don't have to send him photos of yourself. You can try sending him funny memes and infographics that you find instead.

8 Don’t Wait for Him to Text First

You might be too shy to walk up to him in person, but you're capable of sending the first text. He'll be glad that you did.

9 Don’t Send Ten Texts in a Row

You don't want to text him too many times. Wait for him to respond before you write him back.

10 Keep Things Lighthearted at First

Don't act crazy about him right away. Play it cool until you get to know each other a little better.

11 Don’t Use Texting as an Excuse to Avoid Talking Face-to-face

You can start by flirting over the phone, but you eventually have to move on. If you want a relationship with him, you'll have to flirt in person, too.

12 Ask Him Questions

This will help keep the conversation going. Plus, people love to talk about themselves.

13 Give Subtle Compliments

You don't have to tell him he's the sexiest man you've ever met. Just give him little compliments, like that he always makes you laugh.

14 Don’t Talk about the Same Thing Each Time

If you always have the same exact conversations, he's going to get bored of you. Keep things exciting by bringing up new topics each time.

15 Turn off Your Read Receipts

You don't want him to know that you saw his text ten minutes ago and are still trying to think of a response. Keep the mystery alive by turning the read receipts off.

16 Talk on the Phone, Too

If he's free to chat, then you should call him up once and a while. Let him hear your voice.

17 Don’t Get Upset if He Doesn’t Text Back

If he doesn't answer you, it's not the end of the world. It doesn't mean he hates you. He might just be busy.

Now you'll be able to impress your crush from miles away. What other texting tips do you have?

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