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Thoughts Thatll Run through Your Head when You See Your Exs Instagram ...

By Heather

Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr – there are so many friggin' ways to stalk your ex. If you are like me, you've probably purposely not unfollowed your ex on Instagram because you want to know what's going on in his life … right? Do you ever have any of these thoughts below? I have!

Table of contents:

  1. Why is he so hot?
  2. You really don't want to look …
  3. … but you have to because you miss him
  4. Did he delete all of the photos of you off his instagram?
  5. You notice exactly how many selfies he really takes …
  6. … wait, who is that girl?
  7. Is he at that restaurant we went to on our first date?
  8. You realize how much you hate his friends
  9. … and how much fun he is having without you
  10. You've got to remind yourself of all the pain you went through when you two broke up
  11. … otherwise, you might start to tag him in old photos of the two of you
  12. You realize the stupid things that he posts on instagram that you thought were cute …
  13. … are really just stupid
  14. You have to put your phone down after you see him kissing
  15. … the girl that you thought he was just friends with
  16. You realize – you are better off …
  17. ...and you unfollow him and it feels damn good

1 Why is He so Hot?

2 You Really Don't Want to Look …

3 … but You Have to Because You Miss Him

4 Did He Delete All of the Photos of You off His Instagram?

5 You Notice Exactly How Many Selfies He Really Takes …

6 … Wait, Who is That Girl?

7 Is He at That Restaurant We Went to on Our First Date?

8 You Realize How Much You Hate His Friends

9 … and How Much Fun He is Having without You

10 You've Got to Remind Yourself of All the Pain You Went through when You Two Broke up

11 … Otherwise, You Might Start to Tag Him in Old Photos of the Two of You

12 You Realize the Stupid Things That He Posts on Instagram That You Thought Were Cute …

13 … Are Really Just Stupid

14 You Have to Put Your Phone down after You See Him Kissing

15 … the Girl That You Thought He Was Just Friends with

16 You Realize – You Are Better off …

17 ...and You Unfollow Him and It Feels Damn Good

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