7 Types of Kisses Every Girl Dreams of ...

Whether you saw a memorable kiss in a movie or made up the scenario between you and your crush, there are types of kisses that we'd all love to have. Some are sweet and sappy while others are passionate and risque. You might prefer one to the other, or just want them all. These are the types of kisses that everyone would be thrilled to receive.

1. Against Wall

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This is one of the types of kisses that can get a little rough. Of course, you don't want your man to hurt you, but you want to feel like he's in control. He won't be able to control how badly he wants you, so he pushes you up against the wall (with your consent of course) and you lock lips. It's a passionate move that can get your hearts racing. Who wouldn't want to have a kiss like this in the heat of the moment?

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