3. The Flasher!

The Flasher!

One of the key pervy types to watch out for is the flasher! This kind of guy only gets his kicks from shock value and wanting to put people in an awkward situation by being an exhibitionist. The delusion that they have means that they think you might actually want to see their private parts in the middle of a busy street, but any normal person knows that that is definitely not something that anybody wants to see, ever! No full moon tonight please.

The Forcer


Kirsten Johnson
Oh... 😳 I live in a small town, so I've never experienced anything like that!
peony blue
Naked selves...
peony blue
@kirsten johnson i think flashers are strangers who show their awful naked safe to women in public places like public transport.
Kirsten Johnson
I have never heard of "the flasher" before! Does that really happen?
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