15. Get a Little Rough

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A lot of guys like when things get a little rough in bed, but they don't want to ask for it. Men likely feel like women are too shy, when really they're the shy ones for not asking! Start out slow with a scratch here and there and see how he reacts.

If he likes this then why not take things a little further? He'll most likely love it!

A lot of women want to be able to up their sex life with their partner, feel more confident in being a single woman, or just get some known facts out of a guy's mind. Whatever your decision is, step out of your comfort zone and try a few of these unexpected moves in bed men love. What other experiences have you had that made your man go wild?


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Chloe Fadden
I just have to say that more oral sex always goes a long way. I used to hate it (on both sides). Then I read a book called Jack's Blowjob Lessons (you can get it online; no skulking around in the bo...
@KeshL, can i join
It's how you keep things spicy living together and having children
I'm about to go watch some porn lol
This is making want to have sex right now with my husband LOL
hey guys, i suggest that if you really love each other new things in sex life style is not important. loving each other is full of surprises.
Makes me laugh the amount of guys that have commented as soon as the article is about sex :P :P :P hahaha love it!
Hey guys , i wish i can do all these things but i just cant , im too shy in bed what shall i do ??
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