4. Let Your Fingers Roam

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This move is something that is based on your comfort level. We think men have the magic hands, but ladies we have some power in our fingers ourselves. There are several lusty spots on a man that when touched and teased take his pleasure to a new degree. A guy's prostate is his G-Spot. Rest two fingers between the testicles and anus and lightly put pressure. This is a move in bed men love that will make him explode, literally!

Dirty Talk


I feel him watching porn, makes me sad.
Anyone on whatsapp
Chloe Fadden
I just have to say that more oral sex always goes a long way. I used to hate it (on both sides). Then I read a book called Jack's Blowjob Lessons (you can get it online; no skulking around in the bo...
@KeshL, can i join
It's how you keep things spicy living together and having children
I'm about to go watch some porn lol
This is making want to have sex right now with my husband LOL
hey guys, i suggest that if you really love each other new things in sex life style is not important. loving each other is full of surprises.
Makes me laugh the amount of guys that have commented as soon as the article is about sex :P :P :P hahaha love it!
Hey guys , i wish i can do all these things but i just cant , im too shy in bed what shall i do ??
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