7 Ways to Show Subtly That You Are Available ...

Our culture has hammered it into our psyches that the guy is generally the one who has to take the first step in a relationship. He is expected to be the first to pursue, the first to connect, the first to ask you out on a date, get you a gift, pay on the table and pop the question. All this can get quite frustrating for an independent woman, who is actually interested in someone. You may be worried about how to send the right signals. The trick is to be subtle, yet decisive. The man should know that you want to be approached, but he shouldn’t think that you are desperate. It is not so difficult, though, once you know what to do. Here are 7 ways to show subtly that you are available.

1. A Smile

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Your face contains the best clues about your level of interest in someone, and a smile is one of the most powerful and endearing statements of interest. When you smile at someone warmly, it is an invitation to develop a connection. There are no other connotations to it, and it cannot be misinterpreted. However, the key is to smile and be subtle, rather than overdoing the gesture, which can suggest desperation.

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