This is Exactly WhyYou Should NEVER Fall for Your Friends Ex ...

By Alison

When you fall for a guy who used to date your friend, it can leave you with a dilemma. Is it ok to date her ex - after all, he's in her past now? Maybe if it was a long time ago, there might not be an issue; that depends on your friend. But on the whole, you should never fall for a friend's ex - here's why it's not right …

Table of contents:

  1. it's disrespectful to your friend
  2. you risk losing her
  3. do you really want to date someone your friend has been intimate with?
  4. there are plenty of guys that have never dated one of your friends
  5. it could get messy
  6. there's a reason he's her ex …
  7. just because he's on your radar, you don't have to date him

1 It's Disrespectful to Your Friend

Dating a guy that your friend used to date is disrespectful to her. It's not being sensitive to her feelings - this was someone that she cared about and maybe still does. Seeing you together is going to be hurtful to her and remind her of the pain she went through when they split. Why would you let your friend go through that?

2 You Risk Losing Her

You could also be jeopardising your friendship. Does dating this guy mean enough to you to risk losing your friend over him? Guys come and go, but friendship often lasts longer. If you lose your friend, and your relationship with her ex doesn't last, you've thrown away the friendship for nothing.

3 Do You Really Want to Date Someone Your Friend Has Been Intimate with?

There's something a bit off about dating someone that your friend has already been intimate with. If their relationship consisted of nothing more than a few casual dates, there maybe isn't an issue. But if it went further, you're going to be sleeping with the guy that she also slept with - and that's really a bit weird.

4 There Are Plenty of Guys That Have Never Dated One of Your Friends

Of all the guys in all the world, you have to fall for one that your friend has already dated? Maybe you can't help who you fall for - but you can choose what you do about it. Leave well alone and your interest in him will fade. There are tons of other potential partners for you out there, so go out and meet one of them.

5 It Could Get Messy

Remember the warning that you should never mess on your own doorstep? That's exactly what you will be doing if you date your friend's ex. It's going to be awkward for everyone, including mutual friends. The repercussions could be serious and long-lasting, so why take the risk?

6 There's a Reason He's Her Ex …

… and if that reason was that he didn't treat her right, then why should he treat you any better? You're setting yourself up for unhappiness. Women who date their friend's ex often justify it to themselves by reasoning that they are more suited to him than their friend was. But that could be a very wrong assumption, and cause a lot of hassle …

7 Just Because He's on Your Radar, You Don't Have to Date Him

You already know this guy through your friend, so he's on your radar. It may seem easy to date someone that you've already met, rather than look for someone new to date. But although you may think that you know him, you probably don't know him as well as you think. You don't need to take an opportunity just because it's there …

Even if your friend says she's cool with you dating her ex, she may not be. Why risk a friendship over a guy? So it really is best to find yourself another partner …

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