19 Wicked Ways to Tease Your Man ...


If you are completely at a loss for ways to tease your man that are super fun and will keep your sex life and relationship overall interesting, you've got to take a look below! I've come up with all of the different ways to tease your man that really work and that are ideal for any relationship! So, take a look, girls, and let the teasing games begin!

1. Unexpected Affection

Guys don't typically expect a lot of affection from their girlfriends, but if you manage to get a guy off guard with an unexpected tongue-kiss or a subtle touch that is a little proactive, then you'll have the upper hand! This is a great way to tease him no matter where you are and let him know what will happen when you two get home! This is absolutely one of the top ways to tease your man!



This one is for the brave ones: if you have been talking about trying new things such as a threesome maybe, pointing out a girl or guy you like is a great way of teasing him and even though you might ...
Confidence is a big thing and have fun at the same time... I'd give him a strip-tease show. :)
Have fun with texting if your man works out of town a lot. Keeps ready to come back home
misha Mehra
This one always work " leone"..:)
Leone Lobos
In my case, goof around and then send him a sassy stare always work ;)
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