29. ... Doing the Dishes Together

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... a Chair for One, Used by Two


True love never dies.
I love this!
My lil' brother said "Love = Sex" LOL he's 4! Because someone told him making love is having sex, so he thought love happens only while having sex.
Smiling and Thinking of my boyfriend when I read this 😊
Strangely I've never been in love but I kinda feel I know what exactly is love - it's Life when you are in it and it's in the form of hope when you aren't !! 😊
Sam The Irresistable
Love is having a make up passionate and rough sex after a fight.
I kinda like one guy, and I've noticed that he likes me too. BUT, he's in relationship and I'm in relationship for 4 years. I'm have dilemma. Really don't know what to do. I think my relationship became a monotonous, but really don't know. Can you post something about it? Or just respond me with some advice. I really can't talk to anyone i know about that, cause i don't know how would they react about that fact that i like the other guy, and I'm in relationship for too long. And I'm 20 years old.
Love is, His Smile even if it is not with me.
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