10. He Has a Girlfriend

He might be trying to hit you up, and may even be trying to give you a story about how he and his girlfriend are breaking up or have an open relationship. With so many fish in the sea, donโ€™t fish out one that already has a girlfriend. No one needs that kind of drama, and if heโ€™s doing that to his girlfriend, heโ€™ll do that to you with some other girl as well. Donโ€™t buy what heโ€™s selling.

If you recognize these signs, you have a hard decision to make. Is your relationship going to work with just you doing all the running or are you going to move on to someone who deserves you?


Totally true!
Bayside Lass
Great article! If this fits the man that you are seeing- kick him to the curb! It's not worth the tears and heartache. You deserve better and there are plenty of amazing men out there. Life is too sho...
Thanks a lot! I need that right now. Every single one fits to him
So true !
Sounds like my last relationship ๐Ÿ˜‚ these men aren't ready to settle..move on you'll be much happier
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