3. Direct Dude

This guy has no problem with asking you out. He’ll let you know that he’s interested right away and invite you to dinner. You’ll either quickly start a relationship or turn him down and never see him again. If he’s persistent, then he’ll keep asking you out, no matter how many times you say no. Some view his dedication as romantic, some view it as a bother.

Shy Guy


Then there are the guys that flirt like it's you they want, then turn around run because they didn't realize they were really that serious. Lolz
Wooow lol .
There are also the type of guys who FLIRT like it's nobody's business but don't actually like you. This is the worst. I am naturally flirt & I do this all the time on accident. When it happens to me it's a taste of my own medicine.
I like guys who are somewhat touchy feely, funny & who give compliments every once in a while.
Josh Clark
@cupcake, u getting this or did I fuck it up and not do it right just an answer please
Josh Clark
Do you not want me on here just say so no big deal
Josh Clark
@Lila Rodrigues, I was always shy till I got drunk but I'm not a bad person I've been married for 12 yrs 3 kids maybe try playing hard to get for awhile
Josh Clark
Or the worst He's doing someone else
Josh Clark
@cupcake, maybe he respects you and doesn't want to take advantage of u
I really like this boy, but he's all if them. He is sweet (shy), but he teases me and turns things sexual, in cooking he'll help me with my apron ( I don't need the help, but he just does it ) also if...
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