7 Adorable Reasons to Write Love Letters ...


What are the reasons to write love letters? I thought about this while going over more than 500 letters that my husband wrote to me throughout our courtship. He still writes me love letters when he is on a business trip or when I am away on a personal vacation and he is left home with the kids. I often wonder how he managed to write me love letters every single day for one year and continued writing until we became Mr. and Mrs. Ruffolo. Yes, I'm boasting! I asked him about his reasons to write love letters and here are his answers.

1. Letters Are Personal Connections to the Soul

My husband’s first letter to me talked about his desire to make me a part of his family, so he wrote about his Mom and Dad, his siblings, their cats and dogs. The next three letters brought me to his college days – as a young journalism student enjoying sports events and writing about them. He bared his soul to me in those letters and it made me understand him better. This is definitely one of the top reasons to write love letters. He caught my attention with those letters and had me focus on him from then on.

Writing Letters Practices Your Penmanship


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this is definitely my style
Esmeralda Espinoza
this is definitely my style
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