6. Your Cat Puts in More Effort than Your Boyfriend

As most of us know, a cat will only pay attention to you if it needs you for something or if it wants to be petted. Although that’s the nature of a cat, it’s not the nature of a guy who is truly interested in you and interested in forming a long-term relationship. It’s doesn’t take much effort to send an occasional text or call to ask how you’re doing. If you get more attention from your cat then your guy, tell your guy goodbye and get another cat.

He’s Too Smooth


Totally true!
Bayside Lass
Great article! If this fits the man that you are seeing- kick him to the curb! It's not worth the tears and heartache. You deserve better and there are plenty of amazing men out there. Life is too sho...
Thanks a lot! I need that right now. Every single one fits to him
So true !
Sounds like my last relationship 😂 these men aren't ready to settle..move on you'll be much happier
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