The Girl Best Friend πŸ‘« Guide πŸ“— to Keeping Civil ✌🏼 with His Girlfriend πŸ’ ...

There seems to be some sort of stigma when it comes to guys and girls being "just friends." While it seems to be a little bit more common (and maybe accepted) these days, you still have people asking the question as if it's really possible. We're here to tell you it is. We know, this is shocking. A guy and a girl can hang out, talk, and be there for each other, all without wanting anything more than a mutual friendship! We're actually huge fans of guy/girl friendships, because you can gain perspective and insight that you wouldn't normally get from just a group of girls. Plus, there seems to be a little less drama (we didn't say none, after all, boys can be high maintenance).

Things definitely can get hard to navigate if your best guy friend has a girlfriend. While you two might not see any problem with your friendship, it can be normal for her to be concerned or jealous about the two of you. That's why there are some steps you should take to make her feel as comfortable as possible with your relationship. She shouldn't have a problem if both of you are honest and open.

1. Have Him Talk to Her

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Tell him to be upfront about his friendship with you. If she accidentally finds out later, she’ll see red flags and potentially want to end things. Tell him to emphasize that you are just his platonic girlfriend.

Have him talk to her about the details of your friendship so she isn’t caught off guard when she meets you for the first time. And make sure he actually does this and doesn’t just say he does!

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