3. Don't Act on It

When you have a crush on your cousin, you don't want to act on these feelings. This is your family and acting on these feelings could cause a lot of confusion and could cause a lot of controversy. While I know it might be a little hard in the beginning, you've got to resist acting on your feelings.

Seek Alternative People to Crush on


Wrong in every way!! my ex slept with his cousin and broke up his first marriage the sick pig!!
December Bryant
This is new. Really really new. I think that's enough internet for today
sarah ann
what did I just read? I can say, I have never had a crush on any of my cousins.
Everyone has had a crush on their cousin!
Kate L
It's definitely weird and creepy and can wreck other family relationships. My cousin made it VERY clear in our 20s that he wanted a romantic relationship and I haven't spoken to him now in many years....
Heather Jensen
Hi Kozo! Thanks for the comment! It is great to have family there for you, having sex with them -- might have been a little far, but it seems to have worked out for you. I'm so glad you took the time to read the post! :) Thank you!
Interesting topic. My story is not so much a young hormone thing I think. During highschool I was living in a school dorm because my parents were still in the US and I came back to my home country w...
Heather Jensen
Hi Crystal! I'm glad you're happy! :)
crystal mett
I for one... Am deeply head over heels in love with my hot french model cousin. We are in love. He even said so. We got married last year and our babies are beautiful...
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