7 Things You Say to Your Crush, and What It Really Means ...


There are things you say to your crush that you don't exactly mean. You're not trying to lie to him--you're just trying to make him like you. If he knew how often you stalked his social media sites or that you memorized his schedule, he'd be scared. That's why the things you say to your crush aren't always the most honest.

1. "I Didn't Know You Liked That Band!"

Of course you know he liked the band you just so happened to mention to him. You saw that he liked the page on his Facebook, that he has pictures of their concert (that he went to with some blonde girl you ended up stalking), and that he posted their lyrics on his timeline. One of the most common things you say to your crush is something to keep him from knowing how often you check up on him.

"Did You Cut Your Hair?"


Sasha Evans
The second one. My crush sassed me for saying "nice hair" to him when he got it cut. Then I got distracted because he hadn't shaved. Oops
Oh my goodness! I have said some of these to someone that I have known ever since I was a baby but I never saw that that was why!!! But he is also 4 years older which is a little far since he is about...
Mary Gates
I feel like saying this stuff and most of it meaning almost exactly the opposite is one reason that guys complain that girls are hard to understand. Why not just say what you actually mean and communicate clearly?
I agree
Bhavani Uddaraju
The last point is exactly what I said to my crush when he showed me a pic of his girlfriend. 😭
Merci Fontaine
I disagree with a lot of these based on what my boyfriends taught me about the way guys think :P
Lol that first point was soo true!! I love it
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