15 Things Your Partner Will Never Tell You but You Need to Know ...


I recently talked to some of my male best friends and I found out that there are quite a few things your partner will never tell you, but things you’ll need to know in order to understand him better. Sometimes men actually are less complicated that you give them credit for and that’s why your relationship will get stronger and stronger once you’ll find out what are those things your partner will never tell you.

1. Men Are Sensitive Too

Men Are Sensitive Too

I know that this must be the most shocking of the things your partner will never tell you, but it’s in fact very true. Underneath that rough and manly exterior, every man has a sensitive side - he just doesn’t like to show it that much. So, be careful next time you say something mean and you wanna hurt him because you might just succeed and your words will leave some pretty ugly scars on the sensitive side of his personality.

He Needs His Space


Melinda Ellis
So true I can see this
Inez Hunt
This article was interesting. I like.
Yasmine Elkholy
This is very very true and thats always my opinion too.. Sometimes it doesnt matter how long you've known a guy , you wont understand him that well anyway..
Very true
& men's fantasy!
Divya Goswami
Helpful post !! Guys are hard to understand indeed 😃
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