7 Tips on How to Deal with a Clingy Boyfriend ...


No book out there could give you an easy and fast answer on how to deal with a clingy boyfriend, and unless you’ve got Merlin on speed-dial, you’d better learn how to take it slow. Neediness is normal for some, totally annoying for others but it’s hardly a reason to skip dating a potentially great guy, so try doing your best to make it work. The sooner you start, the better, and here are some tips on how to deal with a clingy boyfriend that will help you determine when to act, how to act and whether to act at all:

1. How Clingy is Too Clingy?

My first step when trying to determine how to deal with a clingy boyfriend usually involves consulting my inner Cling-E-Meter. Good night texts I can deal with, pet names before pet names are due… okay, I’ll live. No L-words on a fifth date for me, however, and harassment via phone is definitely a deal breaker. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound too harsh, but if you’re feeling like you’re being stalked rather than courted, you should at least presume that getting the guy to loosen up won’t be a piece of cake. Are you up for it?

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Omg this sounds like my boyfriend 100% and it's ironic bc he is the sneaky one doing sketchy secret things online. I'm an open book, maybe too open, but for some reason he is so insecure I'm starting ...
Lil Lovely
I had this one boyfriend who'd always text me, and at first it was really sweet, he'd compliment me here and there, and we could talk for hours. But then after awhile he just always wanted to be with ...
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