2. Don't Make It Easy

With a Scorpio, it is all about the challenge and about capturing something, this is what they live for – so, don't make it easy. Don't automatically start acting like you like them, instead make them work for your attraction. If you play hard to get and if you are the one that has the ball constantly in your court – it'll attract your Scorpio-crush easily!

Being Honest Goes a Long Way


Aeriel Watkins
the scorpio male I'm talking to plays a lot of freaking games this sounds right on point
Candice Moore
I am a Gemini but I have a crush on a Scorpio. I'm learning her slowly but I need to seal the deal lol
Hard to get dont do that Scorpios like knowing about you
@Diana true dont mess with a scorpio
@Sally Abdul-Aziz haha yes Scorpios are attractive
@Sadia your really pretty well aren't all Scorpios beautiful creatures
My boss is a scorpio and I like him so much :(
As a scorpio i totally agree with this 😄
Becky Chuwen
I'm a Scorpio and this is me all over
I'm a scorpio and honesty plus sincerity is crucial. If he's into me then he needs to show interest by wanting to get to know me, not coming off as a creep. But playing games will get you out my life in a heartbeat
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