3. He Touches His Lips

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Constantly touching his lips is another surefire sign that he wants a kiss.

Even though his fingers are against his mouth, he really wishes that your lips were pressed against his.

The same goes for when he applies ChapStick or licks his lips.

If he's drawing attention to them, intentionally or not, then he's itching for some smooches.

He Mirrors Your Movements


Shannon Bauer
I what too do that
Ok ... So thank you! You actually helped me like a lot
Too funny
Are you sure this is true
I'm pretty sure he's a gay in this article
What did I miss...
@Coochiekilla get off this damn website you worthless imbecile
peony blue
OK and Oh @Cooch...qhat are you a man or a mouse. Refrain from being so uncouth.
Realizing your best guy friend might like you like "well it's not my fault I'm so fabulous."
Emily Robinson
I find myself doing the torso one a lot. Oops.
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