4. Legs


Well, I’m sure this isn’t a surprise for anyone. Men like long legs and that is one of the things they first notice about a woman, but you should know that in the long term there are other qualities that matter more to them than a nice pair of legs. A study that involved more than 200 men and women “revealed that people whose legs are 5% longer than average are considered the most attractive, regardless of their gender.”



Ahh.. But l have KP so l don't know if that condition of my skin is healthy or whatever to give good looking offspring. I also have vitiligo, l have tan skin on my legs and exposed area. But ever sinc...
Stacey Ohare
I always go to the boobs. Boobs first. Eyes second. Ass third.
Add comment the feet. Men I would think would love soft pedicured feet without a second toe inches above the big toe?? huh??? gross.
k wow nice
From my guy friends i have learned that they are attracted to women who also have healthy looking white teeeth
Diq Knowes
@David Smith, dink
I think we need more men on here so they can have their input, showing what men REALLY think from a MAN'S perspective. I just think it would help us women out a lot. So, any man's input it GREATLY appreciated by me.
David Smith
Reluctantly I offer some thoughts/opinions. The article referenced what "men notice first". This pre-text assumes a visual orientation. It is about seeing. We, men, are visually dominant. We are attra...
I'm a lesbian and I go for the following; eyes,lips/smile, arms/muscles, hands/nails or rather lack of nails.... Haha .... I'm a fem that only dates studs... I've been told by exs & my gf now that my eyes attracted them first, than my lips/smiles, butt/hips/thighs, hair, stomach...
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