4. You Haven’t Found Someone You Really Want to Date

You Haven’t Found Someone You Really Want to Date

You shouldn't date just so you can say you have a boyfriend. If there aren't any guys around that interest you, you shouldn't be dating. You should wait until you meet someone that you'd be proud to call your man. Otherwise, you'll be happier single.

You’d Rather Sleep around


No point rushing things! I was in an abusive relationship and now it feels good to live life for myself and not having to think about someone else all the time!
I've been single for 5 years... I got a long list to do, I still loved my ex!!! But I tried going out with some guy but it did not work out. Now I am in serious relationship... I'm doing well. So pati...
Ive never been single for too long so now enjoying some me time but don't last long having a good friend I've known 5 years only now we both opening up but as now I love myself I can love him well getting there
If you are still with your parents then stay single until your out.
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