7 Small but Sure Ways to Test His Interest ...


If you’re confused about whether your crush returns your feelings, there are ways to test his interest. You don’t need to wait for him to ask you out. You can move the process along by doing a few simple things. These small ways to test his interest will hint that you like him, and give you an idea of how he feels.

1. Touch Test

One of the ways to test his interest consists of touching him and observing his reaction. If you’re sitting side by side, shift your position so that your knee or arm touches his. If he adjusts himself so that he’s no longer touching you, he might not be interested. If he doesn’t do anything about your proximity or moves even closer, that’s a good sign. People like their personal space, so if you’re invading his and he doesn’t mind, be relieved.

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I\'m friends with my guy crush. These are good tips!! Thnx!! I will use them.:)
I\'ve decided to throw myself into the world of high school dating. I don\'t really know how successfully? Advice!!!
Theirs this guy that I know and every time we happen to look at each other he looks at me n then smiles. when we finish having a conversation n I look back he waves n smilies. When he sees me he alway...
@Manes Pl
He probably was just confused or gave up cause of being rejected 10 times! Do u like him back??? Please help me
Manes Pl
There is this guy who asked me about 10 times to go out with him, but when i told him yes, he never mentioned anything again. he does almost everything on the list! I DON\'T GET IT!!
I know a guy who is really popular and I have dated him before but I moved! He moved to my new school recently and he is already a lady\'s man! I don\'t get to see him very much because he missed too ...
Hannah Shuler
I\'m dating this guy who\'s really sweet and I\'ve mentioned other girl and he has never been interested, but some friends of our were talking about Kate upton and he got really interested. He was rea...
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