My First Kiss Sucked - I Wish I Read This then! ...


Kissing - the most beautiful way of expressing your love.

There are so many different ways to kiss, depending on who you're kissing.

But there are 11 things you didn't know about kissing that will make your mouth open in amazement.

(Yes, I get the pun, there...) Learn these things and they'll leave you wanting to kiss more and wanting to quit kissing altogether at the same time!

1. Kissing is Good for You

Kissing is Good for You

The act of kissing is actually healthy for you!

(Take that, those of you opposed of great kissing!) Kissing actually improves our skin, helps circulation, prevents tooth decay, and can even relieve headaches.

So next time you have a headache and your hubby is wanting a little lovin', don't go for the Tylenol bottle, start kissing!

(Bet you'll make his night!)

Kissing is a Workout


this is what i would do next time he looks you in the eyes look him in the eyes to
hey i really like this guy but nothing has worked can you plzzzzzzz help me out
hey i really like this guy and nothing has worked help me plz
HEY I REALLY NEED SOME HELP! ok so i like this guy in my p.e. class who ive known since the beginnning of the year and i liked him for a lil bit, but then he asked out some girls and i stopped but now i like him again. When ever i talk to him he starts smiling and looks at me in the eyes. I want to get to know him better but whenever i try to privately, i just get butterflies. Please help me before the dance in two days PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt get any help last time i posted on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so what if you haven t kiss someone yet?not big re 13!i haven t kiss someone yet and i'm 17!!!yeah seems crazy, i know...i'm not fat,ill,a puritan or shy .i just didn t find the right will happen at some point like some other things will happen also.just re still a kid ,live your childhood.kissing,lovers,relationships ,sex you can have even at 80, but your childhood will never come back:))think about it:about 63 years of some point you ll even get bored, i guess.
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