2. Will Never Video Chat

All right, I get that sometimes video chat isn't an option. I never video chatted with my partner, but if your mate flat out refuses to video chat with you, claims they have never done it with anyone else and refuse to even think about purchasing a web cam, that could be a warning sign. I'd use this sign in conjunction with the other signs though.

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Bella Ragazza
I actually wanted to meet Nev (the guy from Catfish) so I could do this and get it over with. I don't want to meet him by myself but I am eager to know...
Bella Ragazza
I tried to do a background check but you have to pay for that
Heather Jensen
It sounds a bit like he might be lying. Maybe.
Heather Jensen
That is kinda weird -- have you done any research online? Start there to see if he is telling the truth!
Bella Ragazza
I feel like it's a 50/50 thing. He's either telling the truth or a lie. I want to know so bad. I can't just let it go and forget we ever talked. :,-(
JoAnne Lewis
Wow Bella I think you are making a mistake. Please think twice about meeting him!!
Laura Noelle
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Bella Ragazza
Yes, I am currently in one with a guy in Florida. We have been talking for five years but I have not seen him. Sometimes I feel like he is lying but his stories have been consistent except the one abo...
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