7. No Key Information

How about the key information, like some of their history, how they were brought up, what thoughts and feelings they are experiencing? If you're in a relationship where your partner isn't giving up the goods on what they really feel like, then it really isn't a relationship – that is deep.

Inconsistent Stories


Heather Jensen
It sounds a bit like he might be lying. Maybe.
Heather Jensen
That is kinda weird -- have you done any research online? Start there to see if he is telling the truth!
Bella Ragazza
I feel like it's a 50/50 thing. He's either telling the truth or a lie. I want to know so bad. I can't just let it go and forget we ever talked. :,-(
JoAnne Lewis
Wow Bella I think you are making a mistake. Please think twice about meeting him!!
Laura Noelle
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Bella Ragazza
Yes, I am currently in one with a guy in Florida. We have been talking for five years but I have not seen him. Sometimes I feel like he is lying but his stories have been consistent except the one abo...
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