Warning Labels Every Relationship Needs to Come with to Save Our Hearts ...


Warning Labels Every Relationship Needs to Come with to Save Our Hearts ...
Warning Labels Every Relationship Needs to Come with to Save Our Hearts ...

Relationships should come with warning labels. Even when you're in a great relationship, there are issues to contend with, and not every relationship is great. It's not uncommon to start a relationship with your rose-colored glasses firmly in place. The problem with that is that every issue then seems like THE issue, the last issue, the deal breaker. A few well-placed relationship warning labels can alleviate that. See, no relationship is perfect, but just because a relationship is imperfect, that doesn't mean it's doomed.

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Warning: You WILL Question Why You're Together

It happens to all of us – the answer to that question, though, that's the important thing.


At some point in your relationship, you'll find yourself pondering the perplexities of partnership. Maybe during a squabble over the smallest of matters or even amidst what feels like an emotional tornado, you'll pause and speculate—what's the glue keeping us together? The essence of your bond will be put to the test. Remember, each couple has their unique dance of love and challenge. The answer often lies in the foundation you've built together: the laughs shared, the tears wiped away, and the mutual growth you've nurtured. This introspection is not a sign of doom, but rather an invitation to deepen your connection.


Beware: Thoughts about Your Ex Will Creep in from Time to Time

It happens to all of us, too, but it's only a problem when you start comparing and/or discover that you're still completely hung up on your ex.


Unexpected memories or musings about an old flame are part of the emotional healing process. However, when these thoughts become intrusive, we may find ourselves trapped in a cycle of comparison that does little for our self-esteem or current happiness. It's essential to recognize when this pattern emerges. Ask yourself if you're idealizing the past and overlooking the reasons why things ended. Work through your emotions and allow yourself closure. Rather than dwelling on what was, focus on building a positive and fulfilling present. Remember, growth and healing take time and self-compassion.


Caution: You Will Be Suspicious of Something Even if It's Unfounded

Your partner will say or do something weird, you'll get a feeling, something will happen to make you suspicious – but is your partner trustworthy, is there any reason to really be suspicious?


Feeling a bit like a detective in your own love story? It happens to the best of us. Your mind might play tricks on you, casting shadows of doubt where there are none. Perhaps a late night at work or an unread text message sends your imagination into overdrive. It's key to differentiate between gut instincts and unfounded fears. Trust is a delicate dance, and sometimes, the music isn't as clear as we'd like. Open communication is essential; don't let the whispers of worry cloud the truth in your relationship.


Attention: Your Partner Will do Something That Annoys You

Maybe he picks his nose, maybe she never cleans the toothpaste out of the sink, or maybe it's your habit of chewing with your mouth open.


It's almost guaranteed that you'll come across some habit or quirk in your significant other that will rub you the wrong way. Whether it's an incessant need to organize everything in alphabetical order or a complete disregard for the proper way to squeeze a toothpaste tube, it's the little things that can become big irritants. Remember though, love is patient and love is kind. So take a deep breath, communicate calmly, and try to find that delicate balance between acceptance and compromise. After all, they’re probably putting up with a habit or two of yours as well.


Red Alert: You Will Fight over Absolutely Nothing

You will probably do this a lot.


It's like the universe conspires to test your patience with the pettiest of issues. One minute you're cuddling, and the next, you're embroiled in World War III over who gets the remote control. communication is key, even when it seems trivial. You'll learn more about your partner during these nonsensical skirmishes than any romantic dinner. Remember, it's rarely about the actual issue at hand, but rather the underlying emotions and needs seeking acknowledgment. Breathing through these moments can save you both from needless heartache.

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One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Warning: You Won't Always Treat Each Other Fairly

Usually when you're in the middle of a really dumb fight, if you wanna know.


In the chaos of heated moments, expect to see the not-so-pretty side of love. You might find that fairness takes a back seat when emotions run high, and the words 'just' and 'equal' become tainted with annoyance and frustration. Yes, ugly words will be thrown and petty actions may unfold. It's like someone hijacked your usual, rational selves. But remember, it's not a real reflection of your bond; it's just a temporary lapse in your relationship's otherwise strong foundation. Hold onto that, and you'll navigate through the storm together.


Beware: You'll Keep Secrets Even Though You're in a Relationship

Depending on the secret, of course, that's okay – everyone deserves to keep a few secrets.


However, it's vital to distinguish between benign secrets that protect your individuality and those that could harm the trust in your relationship. Keeping a surprise birthday party under wraps is one thing, but concealing ongoing texts with an ex can seed suspicion and betrayal. Always ask yourself: would keeping this secret hurt my partner or our bond if they eventually found out? Communicating openly can often preempt the possibility of a secret becoming a time bomb in the heart of your relationship. Remember, trust is hard to earn and all too easy to shatter.


Caution: You Will Discover Your Stubborn Side

If you haven't already, that is, but you'll dig in your heels about something … and at some point, you'll get stubborn even though you're wrong, which is a fun day for everyone.


Navigating a relationship is akin to dancing a complex tango, requiring adaptable moves and mutual understanding. Amidst the whirl and twirl, there's a moment of toe-stepping when your resolute side flares up, defying the harmony. Oh, the joy! It's that moment when you're clinging to the edge of the argument cliff with the tenacity of a limpet, convinced that your perspective is the only one that matters. Refusing to budge becomes a test of patience—for both of you. Yet, it's in these stubborn standoffs that love’s resilience is often forged, as frustrating as they may be.


Attention: Sometimes You Will Rage for No Reason

There will be days when you just cannot stand your partner, which seems awful but is actually pretty natural.


It's like a sudden thunderstorm on a sunny day; unexpected and intense. But fear not! This doesn't mean your love is defective. It’s just the ebb and flow of emotions in the dynamic sea of a relationship. Remember to take a breath and give each other space. Consider it a reminder to appreciate the sunny days because the rain will pass. Talking it out once the storm subsides can actually deepen your connection. Just pack an emotional umbrella for those rainy days.


Red Alert: Both of You Will Get Caught in a Lie at Least Once

Big lie, small lie, it doesn't matter, it'll happen.


Whether it's an innocent fib about loving your partner's not-so-tasty homemade lasagna or a more significant omission about finances, someone's bound to trip over their words. It’s an unavoidable human flaw, but what’s crucial is the aftermath. Will it be a cataclysmic fallout, or can you both navigate the choppy waters with sincerity and forgiveness? The key lies in communication, vulnerability, and a mutual understanding that perfection is a myth – especially in the rich tapestry of a relationship. So, when the truth does emerge, remember the bond you're nurturing is stronger than a momentary lapse in honesty.


Warning: Forgiveness Can Be Hard, Even when You Love Someone

Not always, but sometimes – some things are harder to forgive.


Even when the love is deep and powerful, the sting of betrayal or hurt can linger, making forgiveness feel like an insurmountable peak. We'd like to think that our affection can overwrite any pain, but the truth is, healing is a journey that requires patience and often, time. Remember, forgiving doesn't mean forgetting; it's about allowing yourselves the space to grow beyond the hurt. And it's perfectly okay to acknowledge that some scars take longer to fade, even with the balm of love. Communication and empathy are key to navigating these delicate moments.


Beware: Your Family Will Cause Fights

Hopefully, you'll reach a place of compromise so this happens far less often, but extended families definitely can cause fights.


When the in-laws and relatives weigh in on everything from your career choices to how you raise your kids, the heat might get turned up between you and your partner. It's key to set boundaries early and have that united front. Communication becomes your best defense. Find ways to respectfully acknowledge everyone's perspectives but also make clear that, at the end of day, decisions are yours to make as a couple. It won't always be easy, but navigating these waters together strengthens your bond.


Caution: Sometimes You Will Want to Give up and Walk Away

You may even have to make an important decision, depending on how strong the urge is.


Throughout your relationship journey there will be moments where the stress and strain feel overwhelming—where the cons are drowning out the pros and the end seems the only relief in sight. In these times, it's essential to reflect and reach out for support if needed. True, walking away might be the healthiest choice sometimes, but often, resilience and communication pave the path to a stronger bond. Give yourself the grace to be frustrated, but also the courage to tackle issues head-on before you decide to throw in the towel.


Attention: You Will Fall Asleep on an Argument

It's sweet to make a pact that you'll never go to bed when you're fighting, but you will and, honestly, you probably should – it gives you time to think.


Sometimes, trying to solve an issue when you're both tired and emotional can lead to saying things you don't mean. Bedtime might just be the perfect ceasefire, a chance for cooler heads to prevail by morning. Embracing a little space can work wonders for perspective, so when the sun rises, you're more likely to address the problem with clarity and compassion. Remember, it's not about winning the argument; it's about maintaining the health of the relationship. So, hit the pause button and get some rest; fresh eyes can turn disputes into discoveries about each other.


Red Alert: the Two of You Will Hurt Each Other

You will hurt each other a lot – and it's always awful, and sometimes you can't fix it, but sometimes you can evolve.


Remember, the landscape of love isn't just roses and romance. There will be moments when words slice deeper than intended, when actions inadvertently break trust. It's the raw, unedited side of togetherness that nobody Instagrams about. And in these times, you'll face a choice: to walk away in hurt or walk together towards healing. Sometimes, it's about learning new dance steps after stepping on each other's toes. Love isn't pristine; it's brave, messy, and stunningly resilient. The art lies in turning pain into growth, and heartbreak into deeper connection.


Warning: You Might do It on Purpose

This happens, too. You will try to hurt each other deliberately in the heat of the moment.


Beware: Love Will Make You do Stupid Things

Stupid things, mean things, silly things, romantic things – all kinds of things.

'Fess up, stalkers. What's the warning label for YOUR relationship?

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