How to πŸ“• Communicate during Sex πŸ™ˆ for Women Who Want to Feel Closer πŸ’ ...

Moaning and groaning (and grabbing the sheets in your fists and screaming oh god, oh yes, yes, yes) is fabulous and all that, but this is not communicating during sex. Sure it is showing affirmation, encouragement and appreciation, but in the least intensive and least open way. Yes, it’s hard to open up to verbal communication when your legs are spread-eagled. We’re at our most sensitive and vulnerable but that’s exactly why we should be talking. We don’t do it because we’re embarrassed, feel shy, are apprehensive, don’t know what to say … But, start talking and sex becomes so much better. Encourage your lover to talk and the pleasure factor can go sky high. Here’s how:

1. Harbor a Kind Bedroom Atmosphere

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Awkward silence is one of the worst things that can occur in the bedroom between you and a partner, so try to be as relaxed and as kind as possible, giving encouragement and positive feedback whenever necessary. Your partner will really appreciate the interaction and as a result, your intimacy will grow and the pleasure that you both feel will be much greater and much more authentic.

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