How to Explain What a F*uckboy Really is ...

If you're on the dating scene or the internet in general, you've probably heard the term “fuckboy,” right? Its place in the lexicon of dating is pretty well-entrenched by now, but not everybody knows what it is or how you can tell if a guy is, in fact, a fuckboy. See, it doesn't simply refer to a guy who likes sex. It doesn't even necessarily refer to a boy who's trying to get laid. No, a fuckboy is the boy who will send you unsolicited dick pics, then call you a slut when you turn him down. A fuckboy is … well, take a look for yourself.

1. A Boy Who Thinks Relationships Are Bullshit

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Mainly because no one ever wants to be in one with him. His loathing probably comes down to one defining relationship from his past.

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