2. His Torso is Directed toward You

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Pay attention to the way that his torso is facing, not the way that his head is facing. We tend to direct our bodies toward the part of the room we're most interested in. So if his torso is facing the door, he wants to leave. If it's facing you, then he might just want a kiss.

He Touches His Lips


Sooo hot
He's hot
Ritchie V
Wow, why do Women complicate things and try to make it a science?
@Cyn oh πŸ’© what did you do?πŸ™ŠπŸ˜†
In my experience, guys tend to ask a series of questions if they really like you. The shy ones are just content staring at you.Β 
Liz Clair
Well damn...
Siren Fox
This will help me alot!
this is so sweet
Kim Yoo Kyung II
hello world
@Sonya, right!!! ( not trying to sound stuck up)
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