7. He's Comfortable around You

When a guy really likes you, he feels at ease around you most times. Although he might be nervous if you get to close or when dating comes up, it is a sign he likes you if he is super comfortable around you. The question is though, are you super comfortable around him too?

Teases You


He also tells me secrets he's never told anyone before and said today that he trusts me.
@Heather, it's because he really doesn't have a lot of friends and his guy friends wanted to hang with him at the last minute so I think he was just trying to spread himself to other groups so he can ...
Okay. So. I like this guy at school. We had a class together... I haven't talked to him much. We met eyes a lot in class though, but he was always slightly indifferent to it. But I saw him at the mall...
Hey Anon! Honestly, I'd say that he does like you, the fact that he ditched you two times though, that's a little concerning. I'd maybe talk to him about it? Maybe see if you can understand why he ...
Hey sweetie, Welcome to AWS! If you think you need more time to make up your mind, by all means, take all the time you need. If he really likes you, he wont mind waiting. Get to know him better, hang ...
By the way my name is alex
By the way my name is alexis
Hi heather, So there's this guy i like and i talk to him all the time we used to hang out all the time and i've sent him notes in class and my friend would later tell me that he would take the notes ...
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