The Top ⏫ Reasons Why Relationships πŸ‘« Come to an End πŸ’” ...


Relationships are so difficult to manage, hard to hold onto and if you are in one that is about to end, do you know why? I've been through a couple relationships, I had no idea why they were ending. If you are trying to hold onto your relationship, take a look below, I've got some of the top reasons why all relationships come to an alarming stop.

1. The Feel of Being Needed

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Your Partner Feeling Invisible


12years of marriage, it comes to a point that he commits adultery :( so sad why most relationship end with this. I though we were happy and complete. I was blindsided by his kindness
Yeah i dated a jerk .... I always felt all that mentioned above😁
Money, bills, debt is a big thing if you want to get serious
So true. I wish I could tell all of this to my boyfriend.
Elley Smith
Right now I wish my boyfriend paid more attention to me when we're not together. He doesn't text much and never calls EVER. I want to be his best friend who he wants to tell everything to πŸ˜”
Sophie Strachan Briscoe
I can relate to EVERYONE of them. That's why my almost 19 years of marriage is ending in a divorce now.
Yes very much true
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