7. Appreciation


Men like to be appreciated and it doesn’t take a lot to express this. A simple β€˜thank you’ accompanied by a sweet smile can go far in showing you appreciate whatever it is they are doing for you. Maybe your guy took you out for a nice dinner or took care of some maintenance on your car. Whatever it is he is doing for you, appreciating the act will endear you to him. You will probably find that he wants to do more for you when you appreciate his efforts.



This is so true.
TLC comes a long way
I find it weird that sometimes men get sensitive about things we say or do. They show off as tuff but when it comes to the real stuff, it gets different. I think being considerate is important with them. They have feelings too and they are sensitive.
Check, check, check! These rules also help you towards becoming The Perfect Woman - feminine, confident and caring. It's nice to mantain that "sweeter than honey" quality whilst paving our own path in life!!
Sounds really true, I can see where I'm going wrong lol x
sounds about right !
We need this ❤
This helps me understand my husband better and what I can do to make sure he knows I care about all the efforts he puts in showing me he cares.
All of wat we women want too.. It works both ways.. Good article..
Melissa Smith
Communication is key with my guy, we love just hanging out talking and laughing. We have a great time together.
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