8. Recognition


Sometimes, men have to play many different roles and they do a lot for their friends and families. Take time to mention these things to the man in your life so he knows that you recognize what a good son, brother, friend, boyfriend, husband or father he is. Men rarely get recognized for all that they do for others and he's sure to appreciate the recognition.



I think women & men are on the same page with these desires.
Respect for each other should be the number 1 priority of a relationship.Everyone goes through ups and downs but your mutual respect for each other is what gets you through itπŸ˜€P.S...I have been married for 21 years.Without respecting each other,nothing else will fall into place
Carrie Waters
I think UNCONDITIONAL love is something they want too, but won't necessarily ask for it
Sarah Adams
Men love a deep throat
Sarah Adams
Men secretly want a girl that Doesn't talk to much and can cook, having a deep throat sadly may be the only way to keep a man these days things don't change ladies
This is great!! Something as a women we need reminder.. I believe us women are the same way!!
Lmao isn't that what everyone wants?!!
need to know ow much you love
Husnul, I understand where you are coming from. I used to be the same way. The first thing when trying to confront and change this situation is by not worrying about him, but try and figure out yourse...
Luann Irwin
@Husnul, it is cute what you wrote. It's okay. You're a challenge for him. Sometimes, guys need hardship before settling down. In all, you're not doing anything wrong. It's in your nature and either he accepts it or moves on.
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