4. Your Choice of Career

Like I said above, your dreams will probably change with time. There's nothing wrong with that. If you do, however, decide to alter your career goals to be with someone, make sure it's something you can live with. If you're someone who has most of her life tied into her career, it's going to be very difficult for you to be happy without it unless you change it for the right reasons. Feeling like you have to or doing it because of pressure are not the right reasons.

Your Choice of Friends


Simran Kaur
Liked the article.. I have experienced this thing in my life. I have changed many things about me because of my boyfriend but in return he has too changed for me. I can say that those things were so important for the relationship to go smoothly.
Love this!
Off a bit, but Rashny how did you come about that hobby? As for giving in too easily, I hear you about being with a control freak because of being afraid to be alone. That's actually one of my worst...
My ex wanted me to change my values/morals on my outlook! He was raised by hippies basically! He called it I should be opened minded. But a lot of the ppl he was friends with I didn't prove or understand! No wonder we were on n off for 3 years!
True that 👍
Sapna Pathak
Lovely article
Rashny Poovi K
I had an ex who hated my nail art hobby until I completely lost interest in it and I became so bored and just didn't do anything else as a result It sure went downhill from there. I'm glad I'm not wi...
Lilia Antor
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