13 Dangerous Last Straw Moments in a Relationship to Be Aware of ...


Being in a relationship is very difficult and there are a lot of last straw moments in a relationship that you might not be aware of. These last straw moments in a relationship are really hard to overcome and can actually end your relationship in an instance. Things like constantly fighting and disagreements over all of the same issues over and over again can be hard on anyone, but they can also be one last straw moment in a relationship that could cause a breakup.

1. Caught Cheating

If you've caught your man cheating on you, that alone could be a last straw moment in a relationship. Who wants to be with someone who is clearly going to cheat on them, someone who is going to disrespect them so deeply? Girls, if your guy is cheating on you and you catch him, do you think you'd end up breaking up with him?

Speaking Badly about You to His Ex


Regina Edmonds
Heather, I have really been needing to talk someone about cheating. My fiance cheated on me with his ex on trip I paid for him to see his ill father in Las Vegas. He picked her up in Arizona. He kept ...
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm so sorry that happened to you. I think it might be a sign you need a new guy.
Man, I've experienced all of these with my current bf, along with most of the signs from is from,is he embarrassed of you,is he a jerk, is he using you, warning signs of an unhealthy relationship....and then some .
Heather Jensen
Aww Vikki, I'm so sorry. That is so, so hard to deal with. If you feel like you can't work it out, it might be time for you to leave. Do you think he would go for professional help though?
I am now at the stage of constantly having a go at him because he seems to have detached from life and I can't get him to see it. There is no emotional response to anything. He is on anti depressants...
Heather Jensen
Hey Heather! Some of these things can be last straw moments if they keep happening in your relationship. :) Thanks for the comment!!
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