13 Signs That He *is* the Guy for You ...


We all know the signs he isn't, but what about the signs that he *is* the guy for you? I use my parents as a model for what I want my marriage to be like. They started out as friends but ended up being married for 28 years and would be married for 28 more had my mom not died. They went through deployments, children, cancer and God knows what else and were able to stay together and happy with each other. If you're in a relationship or thinking of getting into one, here are a few of the signs that he is the guy for you. Some seem obvious; others, not so.

1. He Goes out of His Way for You

This alone is one of the biggest signs that he is the guy for you. I know this isn't about feelings, but if you have someone who is willing to put your needs above his (and vice versa), that's a very good sign for the future.

You're Not Afraid to Be Vulnerable


Haha "I know, more Bryan Adams lyrics"....this is a great article!
We're young, but we see a future with each other in it! We're not in a rush to get married for a few more years, we're willing to grow together! He's my perfect match! 💕
Enter Name Here
True looooooooooove😍❤😍
Enter Name Here
His willing to wait until your ready
Me too! :)))
I cannot stop laughing at "If he looks really good, post pictures. Share the wealth". That made me whole day and it's only 10:30 am! LOL
Irene Kim
Knowing he is in another state plus your own feelings do you actually believe he is the one? Right now the best thing to so is be there for him as a friend. Just talk with him. But if his girlfriend i...
Veron Noir
How often do u guys communicate @montanagirly
*things between us
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